Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 3: Come unto me

I don't think its any surprise that they used this saying alot during conference.

This weeks challenge was to ponder ways we can come unto Him.

We were assigned to read Matthew 5.

There is something about Matthew 5:1 that really stands out to me. It reads, "He went up into the mountain and when He was set, His disciples came unto Him. Often times I find myself praying ,"Heavenly Father please let me be near you." "Help me to become closer to you." Well He can be close to you. He is always near you. But in order for you to feel Him you must GO UNTO HIM! I liked how He was set up on a mountain and His disciples came unto Him.

He is set up on a mountain... higher than the rest of us. He is up higher where He can watch us. He sees us. He sees our journey and what we go through. He sees our actions and watches the things we choose to do. He is higher than we are. He is more perfect than we are. We can look up and see Him in all his glory. We want to be as He is so we must choose to make the hard journey up the mountain... but don't worry. Someone who loves you very much went before you. In fact He laid a path for you, a trail, and if you so happen to wander off the trail or slip and fall down the mountain, He is there.. He is at the top and He loves you so much that He will help you back up. He wants you back up. He wants you at the top with Him... all you have to do is make the decision to climb.... "Don't forget to look up."

As His disciples we must make the decision to follow Him, to come unto Him. This journey to become His WILL be life changing. But only to the extent that WE allow it. We must turn to Him. We must make time for Him. Sometimes we need to leave the multitude and come unto Him... even if it means we come alone. It is often in these times, by ourselves, that we can truly hear what He has to say to us. When we are alone in a quiet and peaceful place... truly searching for Him, He can come unto you and share the message He has prepared just for you.

Unlike His disciples of old we don't have to climb a mountain to hear Him. When you sit down at night to read your scriptures, when you kneel down daily for prayer, when you go to church and keep the commandments, when you listen and view media that is good, when you watch general conference or sing hymns.... there are many ways we can "Come unto Him." But we must first have the desire to be with Him in order for Him to meet us halfway.

You are a light on hill. You are held on the shiniest of candle sticks. Be not hidden under a bushel. Shine your light so that the whole world may see. Do not be afraid to shine. Share the gospel. Serve a mission. Love the Lord. But more importantly..... Come unto Him!! :) <3


  1. I adore your blog! Thank you for being an inspiration :)

    1. Aww! Thanks so much! You made my whole day! :)